Center VLMS

Center VLMS – The most powerful online learning platform for all kinds of instructors. Be a global teacher. Teach from anywhere, anytime.

Core Modules

Center VLMS is the industry leading LMS, providing all education essential features to students and teachers.
Intuitive course builder

Extremely easy course building interface with advanced lesson & section manager.


One click quiz creator with unlimited questions and multiple possible answers.

Multiple lesson file types

Lessons can be be added with all files types and formats like  youtube, vimeo, html5 video, text, pdf, doc image files.

Public instructor

Public instructors can signup and sell courses. Their selling revenue commission will be paid by their center admin registered on the platform.


Messaging course students

Instructors and students can communicate and resolve any issue by interactive messaging.

Payment report

Detailed payment report for course selling revenue and instructor commission payment.

Application preview

Material portal

Filter Courses

Lesson learning

Manage lessons

Revenue report

Intelligent material portal customized according to user interface access, with an advanced management system for Admin, teacher, and student.
The smart filtering tool allows users to easily find, coordinate, split between different courses status, teachers, & categories.
Sophisticated E-Learning system allowing users to have all the possible learning tools available, whether it’s a video, document, or even a live session.
Smart splitting between purchased & non purchased lessons clarifying the status for every course.
The most advanced revenue reporting system allows users to purchase & redeem their payments easily with the multiple available payment methods.

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